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  1. And the physics behind air hockey can get a bit complicated but we will try to simplify everything so you can understand how the game works from a scientific point of view. First, the very basics of physics tells us that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.
  2. Dec 12,  · If you have an air hockey table, you know that the puck floats on a thin cushion of air when the table is turned on. With little friction, the puck can travel very fast. How much lift force is created by the air? Add small amounts of weight to the puck and see when it no longer floats to measure the lift force.
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  4. Gravity is the force acting against the air being pushed up from the table because it is pushing the puck down while the normal/applied force from the air is allowing the puck to remain afloat. Friction is unwanted in the game of air hockey because if there was friction the .
  5. The physics of hockey is a broad subject of analysis, covering key aspects related to performance and equipment design. Experienced hockey players are generally aware of (either directly or indirectly) how physics plays a role in their ability to play the game.
  6. May 13,  · The force on the puck due to gravity is N => lbf The pressure needed to lift the puck is equal to the force of gravity in lbs / the area of air that hits the puck. The puck will cover 4 holes at once. Each 1/16" hole has an area of in^2.
  7. After the a shot is fired off a player's stick, the puck travels through the air with parabolic projectile motion. The puck will also continue its flight into the net or into the hands of the goalie. Most of the time the puck is fired at such a high velocity that .
  8. Air Hockey is a cool online sports game with realistic physics made for all fans of ice hockey. Usually two human players play against each other but this time your opponent is a tough AI. Control the paddle with your mouse and try to push the puck into the opposing player's goal. Try straight and bank shots to get the puck into the goal.

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