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  1. MADE TO BE simple, organic-first and ultimately transparent. Pediatrician Tested. Vegan. Non GMO. Gluten Free. Dermatologist Tested. MADE in the USA. MADE OF TM products create a safe, healthy environment. On your baby. Around your house. In your life. And beyond your four walls. View Products.
  2. You can use made from, made out of, or made of to say that something has been produced using a substance or object, so that the original substance or object is completely changed.
  3. Made of. We use made of when we talk about the basic material or qualities of something. It has a meaning similar to ‘composed of’: She wore a beautiful necklace made of silver.
  4. Synonyms for made of. counting; along with; among other things; as well as; in addition to; in conjunction with; inclusive of; made up of; not to mention; plus; together with; with.
  5. Apr 17,  · MADE OF Organic and natural ingredients that are proven through modern innovation and independent testing to do more with less. Safe MADE WITHOUT: GMOs, SLS, Phthalates, Parabens, Sulfates, synthetic fragrances, dyes, pesticides, BPA, chlorine and much hidowrebookniworl.giastouttercaptpupdavagoticityma.co: MADE OF.
  6. Made of is used when talking about the basic material or qualities of something. It has a meaning similar to "composed of". -He gave her a beautiful ring made ofgold.
  7. Made of is used when the material the subject consists of doesn't change during the process of making the subject. As in the example by Armen elsewhere on this page: Chairs are made of wood. Here, wood is still wood. It doesn't transform into something else. On the other hand, made from is used when the material changed its nature. Again, another Armen example.
  8. Made of Tomorrow designs functional objects + paper goods for everyday life, designed and made sustainably in New Zealand with the essence of tomorrows trends.

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